Kunstenfestival Watou 2011 - Tussen taal en beeld verzamelde verhalen #3 09.07.2011 - 11.09.2011


Art Festival Watou is more than just an exhibition between language and image. Under the title SUMMER SENSES we plan various events during the ten consecutive weekends: mini-happenings and meetings with other art- and culture disciplines all focusing on the theme of this year. 

Saturday 2nd of July
Benjamin Vandewalle

Sunday 3rd of July
Benjamin Vandewalle
Renée Sys

Saturday 9th of July
Max Temmerman 

Sunday 10th of July
Antigone, Molenbeek

Monday 11th of July
High Tea & Poetry

Saturday 16th of July
Maarten Inghels

Sunday 17th of July
Michaël Vandebril

Thursday 21st of July
Er loopt een dichter in de tuin

Saturday 23rd of July
Barbara Rottiers, Inne Eysermans 
& Katharina Smets

Sunday 24th of July
Wouter Deprez & Ruben Focketyn 

Saturday 30th of July
Roy Aernouts & Stijn Dierckx

Sunday 31st of July
De Sprekende Ezels

Saturday 6th of August
Joke Devynck & Delphine Lecompte
Kristof Devos 

Sunday 7th of August
Clean Pete

Saturday 13th of August
Frederik Willem Daem 

Sunday 14th of August
Peter Holvoet-Hansen
Frederik Lucien De Laere

Monday 15th of August

Saturday 20th of august
Lize Spit & Flore Deman

Sunday 21st of August
Wim Helsen 

Saturday 27th of August
Sabien Clement & Mieke Versyp

Saturday 3rd of September
Stefan Hertmans & Jelle Van Riet 

Sunday 4th of September

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